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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble 
Limerick Early Music Festival

Sunday 20th March 2022 (Time TBC)

Throughout the ages, music and magic have been intrinsically linked. Featuring music by Tartini, JS Bach and Hildegard von Bingen, alongside renaissance consort music and contemporary works, this family-friendly performance explores the historic relationship between music and the magical spectrum: including elements of mathematics, philosophy, nature, religion and the occult.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick


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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Czech Republic

Wednesday 6th April 2022 (Time TBC)

The natural impulse to move our body to music has been documented as far back as our ancestors' ancestors. Throughout history, humans have danced to celebrate, to heal, to bond, to entertain, to exercise and above all, for fun! In this programme, Palisander present bespoke sets of dances from history, using a huge array of recorders, from15cm to 2m in size, and including music spanning more than 1000 years. 


Alongside the premiere of the two winning pieces inspired by dance, as a part of the National Centre for Early Music & BBC Radio 3 Young Composer's Award 2021, you will hear exotic traditional dances of the Mediterranean; a historic Queen of England’s pre-breakfast dance work out, and even dances performed as a historical antidote to a spider’s poison!

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Suzuki Summer School

Thursday 4th August 2022

Concert for and workshop with participants of Summer School

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Beware, the Spider! - Recorder Summer School, Beverley

Friday 12th August 2022, 7:15PM

with workshops from 2:15pm-3:15pm

17th Century victims of venomous spider bites were offered no medicinal cure or relief. Instead the local musicians would work together to find a curative melody to reverse their otherwise fatal symptoms. This programme serves as a musical illustration of the wide-ranging side effects experienced by those suffering a poisonous spider bite.

This programme formed the basis of Palisander’s debut album, Beware the Spider! which received 4 stars from BBC Music Magazine. It balances historically informed performance practice on an authentic renaissance consort of recorders with contemporary arrangements created by Palisander, as well as traditional tarantellas reconstructed by the ensemble.

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