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Recorder Revolution! 

  • Did you know 3,500,000 plastic recorders are produced worldwide each year, or that the earliest designs melted in direct sunlight?

  • Did you know that King Henry VIII had more recorders than wives, with over 70 in his collection?

  • Or that in 18th Century England the recorder was used to teach birds to sing?

  • Or that some of the most famous composers have written for the recorder? Including Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Benjamin Britten and even Led Zepplin?

Palisander 221014 St Pauls questions 554.jpg


The recorder has a rich history brought to life by Palisander in Recorder Revolution! - an inspiring interactive concert, designed to ignite children’s music making. With an amazing array of recorders from 6 inches to 6 feet tall, the ensemble presents music spanning 900 years. It includes traditional music from the British Isles, songs by Kings, spooky baroque concertos and surprising contemporary techniques. There will also be opportunities for all to join with the ensemble to experience the magic of music making.


As an ensemble, Palisander are hugely passionate about their instrument, the recorder.The group has been awarded funding from Arts Council England to develop the project to tour English schools and music centres, hubs and services in 2019.

Each Recorder Revolution! experience is tailored to students needs, and in the past have included: school assemblies; whole-day mixed size & ability ensemble coaching; interactive concerts for schools or families; general music workshops and opportunities for students to perform alongside Palisander, giving 'world premiere' performances of bespoke pieces arranged for the day. 

For more information on how to bring Recorder Revolution!  to your area, please contact Palisander here

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